Passion in Fashion in Action - WORLD MODE HOLDINGS

Fashion is in constant flux. So are the challenges it creates.
How can we offer genuine solutions that are needed today?
This is the eternal quest for World Mode Holdings.

WMH is the only solution provider group in Japan
operating exclusively in the fashion industry,
providing integrated solutions for ever-diversifying challenges.
From recruitment and human resource development
to store operations, marketing and consultation,
with highly talented team of professional members
from across various fields, with teamwork we come together
to make the maximum contributions.
We keep evolving with new people and ideas.
All efforts are for delivering to each and every fashion brand,
the services that win people's hearts and minds.

We believe in the power of fashion.
The power that brings joy to people and society.
Whether a creator, service deliverer or consumer,
everyone in the fashion world should be excited about the future.


Passion in Fashion in Action - WORLD MODE HOLDINGSPassion in Fashion in Action - WORLD MODE HOLDINGS